Unparalleled Digital Acceleration

Today, consumers can quickly and easily get a variety of information about the products or services they are interested in. Furthermore, as social distancing continues due to Corona 19, it has affected our lives in the economy, management 구글상위노출 and industry, and as a result, changes in advertising and marketing trends are accelerating.

In fact, according to a report released by Mekle, marketers said they had changed their marketing content approach to consumers, and when asked what their best marketing strategy was, they mentioned new marketing techniques and changes in consumer-oriented marketing messages.

Despite the growing importance of online due to Corona19, we are making various attempts to break existing cliché methods to introduce new features or pay attention to potential customers exposed to many stimuli on the Internet to enhance the convenience of online prospects.

Everything we do through the Internet remains a log. You can also see how far you can scroll, how far you can drag, and where the mouse cursor remains the most when you plant a heatmap source on a website.

Therefore, in modern times, when consumers can visualize a variety of data, the era of sensuous marketing is over, and companies that do not utilize data, especially marketing companies, will be increasingly closed.

In addition, technologies that use big data to map out AI’s advertising strategy are evolving, and AI will soon be able to handle most of AE’s work.

According to the data released by McKinsey, the pandemic has pushed the transition to online channels for consumers and businesses forward five years. In other words, Covid-19 has further accelerated and reinforced ever-changing corporate operational and marketing trends.

In the early stages of coronavirus survival, we are now preparing for recovery and development. Also, the online market will become more important because the world cannot go back to before Corona.

Of course, offline events and direct marketing can slowly recover. But we can’t just wait to build a sales pipeline because everything is at stake right now.

Therefore, companies and marketers will need to slowly reduce their dependence on traditional outbound strategies and focus on creating inbound strategies.

To this end, it will be necessary to prepare to meet online consumers by investing in SEO, activating direct communication channels with consumers, and activating digital channels instead of offline events

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