It’s been a while since I’ve had + whistles

My husband and I are going to go to bed.

Because I don’t like crowded and crowded places, I go out to the suburbs on weekends.

It’s been so long.

What’s wrong with you? One, one, two.

The Euljiro wine bar we went to…

Heistory attic. -! -! -!

It’s hot, and it’s really, really, really, really, really feels like a room.

It’s not complicated. It’s cozy.

It was a hideout-on-the-wine bar.

Two, three, three. As soon as I went up to the attic,

peace of mind

You can see the bazaar 셔츠룸 cooking right in front of you. Why?

Evening, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my love, oh, oh, my love, oh, oh, my love, oh, my love, that…)

Every week, ah!

The young male boss said, “Oh, it’s here.”

So even if there aren’t many tables,

The food comes out fast, and it feels really comfortable.

We’re going to be at about six o’clock. Oh, six,

Bars are popular, and tables are more cozy.

There were a lot of couples and women who came together.

Some of the people who come here with birthday cakes.

He was there. Why?

Euljiro Wine Bar – Menu – Menu

The reason why I chose this from Eulji-ro’s wine bar is because

They both hate loud noises, so cozy lights and nice music!

It was because I really liked the menu.

Especially Katsu-san.

I’ll order it right away.

attic cheese tour 18500

Katsu sando 14500

Like this. Oh!

Wine is the most popular white wine and the price is easy!

The basic setting is so pretty.

Every bowl and glass was so beautiful.£

The cheese combination on the crackers that come from the bottom of this.

Nothing special, ahah!

It looks like the cheese from Willis and Grommet.

It was fun to eat.
The wine you recommended.

Oh, my God.

It’s so delicious.

I just like sweet things, and my husband likes to have a good body.

It’s just… Ah!

Really, and now…

I’m a real drunk.

I can’t eat it anymore if it’s a little bit of alcohol.

The two of you on this day!

And the lights are beautiful.

A place where you can drink and turn red.

Come and see me on a date with a couple.

For the first time, ah!

Olive and nuts. Oh, they’re all prepared.

What’s this? It’s filled in.

Come on!

There’s tangerine jam in the crackers.

I didn’t understand people who used to order cheese when they were drinking.

It’s the best wine I’ve ever had.

It’s not burdensome, and it’s perfect to pick up one by one.

And olives.

The olives that the nambeon always bluff.

It’s really…

It’s been a while since I took a picture of you.

At the beginning of our relationship, we’re the best couple ever, and people around us are telling us to stop.

They only took pictures of couples.

Now, 9 years. 9 years.

And the Hystory attic.

I love the music selection.

Just enough for us to…

Here’s the sign. -! -!

We always -! -! -! I can’t go out and drink long in one place.

The real wine. Ah, empty it.

And here’s the most anticipated katsu sando. Yay!

Katsu sando looks like a specialty store, so I was satisfied with his first impression.

Meat is more than I thought.

Fresh, juicy, oh, hehe…

I put it on the plate right away, and I cut it.

It’s really juicy. -! -! -!

Actually, most wine places have cheese.

I don’t expect this kind of food.

I went because of the visual, and it was delicious.

Seriously, ah!

But it won’t work. The sauce is very, very good.

Boss, don’t!

What’s in there together is…!

I dip it in strawberry jam.

Fried truffle potatoes, oh!

As soon as I got out…

If you don’t like heavy food,

Make sure you -! -!

I’m going in very well.


I’ve had such a great time.

Euljiro Wine Bar – Attic

I looked it up, and it was his place! 2 L.O.£.E?

Music Mood Lighting

And food.

Everything from menu selection to menu selection.

I have a crush on my boyfriend.

Eulji-ro! Gu-gu! Gu-gu!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a youthful + whistling sensation.

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