I found this place while I was looking for a good cost-effectiveness

Doing something at home is harder than I thought.

You have to be diligent.

But I did what I wanted to do because I stayed at home for a long time.

I spend time every day, and one of them is to massage myself every evening.

Every evening, dinner 수원건마 time.

To continue home care and achieve aesthetic effects at home,

I’m trying.

For a month, I worked hard on the design massage cream recommended by Scoach.

I’ll tell you what I liked about it.

So I will do my best every day to be more responsible and not be lazy.

I used to go to the hospital every week, when was that?

It’s heavier and more oily than I thought.

Maybe it’s because my skin is dry, but I think it fits me well.

It sticks especially well, so it feels sticky. It feels good when it touches your skin.

If you apply it, if you apply it, if you apply it, if you apply it, if you apply it, if you apply it, if you apply it, if you apply it, if you apply it, it becomes soft. I was satisfied with the practice.

So I thought the texture was amazing.

Reflects rich-fit prescriptions that change texture as movement changes during self-massage.

It’s also a slightly glossy finish.

So that it stays moist even if you wipe it off.

Moisturizing ingredients and plant-derived scalens are added.

There’s a sponge cross in there.

Think of it as a sponge towel.

It’s hard when it’s dry.

It’s soft and moist when dipped in water.

After use, rinse it with a neutral detergent, dry it gently, and reuse it.

A person who is worried about thickening his face when he wakes up in the morning.

It’s a self-massage that you do lightly in the morning.

If you repeat it several times with your fist clenched, you can pull it up from the faceline.

It’s pretty cool and the outline is very clear.

And the first application was a refreshing citrus scent.

By the end of the day, I can feel the deep musk scent and feel at ease.

When you want to get rid of swelling, do this.

Remove a small amount of cream from the back of your hand.

Sweep outward from the center of the forehead and add a little strength to the temple.

And if you brush along the jawline, it feels cool.

Then wipe lightly with a sponge cross or wash your face.

The last thing I found out was,

Put a small amount of cream next to your nose.

If you rub it with a sponge, the dead skin will come off!!!

I’m going to do it consistently every week.

It’s a sco moisture essence, serum cream, and rich mask.

I’m going to apply it with more home care than usual.

When I look into the mirror with close attention, I feel like my face is clear!

I’ve been using it diligently for a month.

I will tell you about the change and feelings next month

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