It was cleanliness without hair or biting.

Hello! Did you have a good holiday? I thought a lot about whether to go on a trip or take a rest at home, but I decided to take a good rest after a long time. The most important thing to do is to clean up the house, watch the drama you wanted to watch, and visit the massage shop at Songpa 24:00. I visited this place 2 weeks ago. It was the most refreshing and refreshing place I’ve ever received. I kept wanting to go there. So I got a proper massage during this holiday. I wanted to introduce you guys to a review.

The Forest shop I visited is located near Exit 9 of Songpa Sports Complex Station. I visited on foot because it was near my house. If you bring a car, it’s a partial fee, so please refer to it. It is said that the business hours are 24 hours a day. I really liked the fact that I can get a massage whenever I want to make a reservation call in advance.

Before entering the shop, I was able to sterilize my hands, measure body temperature, and enter the cue code. These days, when Corona is severe, I don’t want to stay outside for a long time or meet many people. The 24-hour massage shop disinfects the entire shop once or twice a day. I was able to get a massage comfortably without worrying about Corona because the quarantine was meticulous.

The inside of Songpa massage shop was neat and modern. It was not a commonly recognized image of the shop because it used a blue tone that seemed not to be used well in the massage shop. I thought it was a more sensible interior. The 인천건마 paintings made me feel comfortable and fit well with the atmosphere of the store. I heard that young customers visit often, but I thought I knew the reason.

They gave me a warm tea while looking around the shop. It was a delicious chamomile tea. On the day I visited the massage shop at 24:00 in Songpa, the weather was so windy that my hands and feet were frozen. Having a cup of tea made me feel like I was melting. Also, she gave me vitamins, and I was pleased with her sense of taking care of such small things.

I heard about the program at the massage shop at 24 o’clock so that I can choose the care I will receive this time while drinking tea. Largely, Thai, aroma, vitamin cream, swadishiro Thai 160:03 million, Thai 29:04 million, aroma 160:40, aroma 290:50,000, vitamin 160:50,000, vitamin 290:60, Swedish 160:5.5 million, and Swedish 290:7.5 million won.

The most expensive care is only 7.5 million won. It felt like a windfall for some reason, and I got to know about the massage shop at 24 o’clock through the website after falling in love with dry horses. Maybe because I saw a post that said it would be good to get a long review, I chose the Swedish 2 course. All the Thai teachers in Songpa massage shop are taking care of it. I felt like I came to Thailand after a long time and I was already excited to get a proper Songpa Thai massage.

They gave me a gown, towel, toothbrush, and mask before I went to the fitting room. The towels and maintenance clothes were washed well, so they were soft without a sticky smell. The massage shop at Songpa 24:00 does not leave it to the laundry company, but does laundry and sterilization by itself. I think it’s a place that cares a lot about hygiene.

There was plenty of space for the locker at the 24-hour massage shop. I could store bulky and long clothes such as long coats and long coats comfortably. I could put my bag or luggage in separate compartments so that I could store my luggage separately.

Songpa massage shop prepared tea for you to drink while taking a foot bath. This time, they gave me Louis Boss. The scent was so good and the taste was strong that I could enjoy it more than drinking it anywhere else.

First of all, the TAIMASAJI manager at Songpa 24:00 washed your feet clean. She gave me a slight flattery and gave me a massage. She knew where my blood was and pressed it down. It was really cool. It was so refreshing that I wanted to get a foot massage. I felt like my feet got lighter after washing them clean.

I was able to forget the fatigue and stress that had been accumulated since I had to relieve the fragrant foot bath and soak my feet in warm water. I didn’t feel so comfortable even if I took a foot bath alone at home, but the foot bath I got at the massage shop at Songpa 24 was more special. Also, the foot bath time was not included in the management time, so I could enjoy it leisurely.

I go to my room for treatment, and there are a lot of rooms at the massage shop at 24:00. There was also a one-person room where people who came alone could receive private rooms, a two-person room that was good for couples or friends, and a group room where they could receive it at the same time. They said they don’t run a group room because of Corona. When Corona gets better, I’ll have to come and get it with my friends.

Songpa Swadish massage manager came and started taking care of it. At first, you stretched it out overall, but I used to warm up at work or at home alone. I guess it’s because he’s an expert, but it feels different.

After finishing the dry massage, you took care of it with oil. I usually sit in front of the computer for a long time, so my shoulders and neck were very tight, and sometimes my muscles felt like they were torn, so it hurt even when I touched them. After the massage manager touched Songpa 24, he felt cooler than sick and relieved it perfectly.

After 90 minutes, like 10 minutes, I moved my body around, and it was loosened as if it had never clumped up. The 24-hour massage manager took care of it meticulously without a break, so it was a very meaningful treatment.

The shower room of Songpa massage shop was clean without any hair or water.

I could finish it comfortably at the 24-hour massage shop because there are all the products that are good for aftercare.
Lastly, I finished taking care of myself while drinking tea. For those who want to get good cost-effectiveness and thorough care, I recommend you to get care at the massage shop at Songpa 24:00.

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