The improvement in the problem can be seen in the scene of the mansion

Porto’s starting line-up played as expected, and Juventus were placed in attack by Clusevsky as Ronaldo’s mate due to Morata, who had a cold; the rest remained unchanged.
Juventus dedicated to the real estate
A series of Schzczesny blunders and a collaboration between Bentancur
Early run-off in the pre- and late-stage, throws cold water on the will to chase
There was no change in the lineup but Porto’s forward pressure left Juventus baffled.
Szczesney’s stupid pass, which makes a good save ability but a problem with a quick ball, gave him a run at the same time as the game started
Scheuzny, who caught the ball in front of the goal in the second minute, passed the ball to the center despite Derrit and Danilou on the right side. It was a Ventacur who recognized Porto’s pursuit from behind, but the pass was passed to Taremi and was linked to a run.
If Schzny had turned the ball sideways or kicked it wide in the first place, he wouldn’t have allowed a minimum run; Bentancur’s pass was too short and a silly choice (recorded by Bentancur’s error).
Taremi, who scored the first goal, became the fifth Iranian player in Champions League history
Schzny’s quick and stupid balls are repeated in the middle of the first half, and he can easily handle the ball, but he has to remove the ball quickly and bring the ball to the penalty box Oliveira.
Fortunately, I was able to escape the crisis by blowing my body from the front, but it was a ridiculous mistake
Juventus, who finished 1-0 in the first half, allowed Musa Marega to score in the first minute of the second half, and the score was 0-2.
Both the former and the latter were running out of focus as soon as the game started, and they were pouring cold water on their pursuit will.
Juventus mess up position play
The gap was wide and sloppy
in contrast to Porto’s offensive and Oliveira
In order to play good football, it is important to move colleagues who do not have a ball as much as a player who holds a ball.
This is said to be position play or positioning; the worst would not have come if he had been actively involved in the 2-3 line in the first run.
The airlift interval was often seen lacking the middlefielders’ cooperative play compared to the wide and insufficient rear build-up.
Bentancourt dribbled himself into the Porto camp, but the Juventus third-line middlefielder lacked forward arrangements; also the play of McKenny and Klusevsky was hard to make a good evaluation.
It was good if the two players dispersed the defense and made Bentancourt’s shooting angle, but they blew the chance with selfish tendencies and simple play. Or if you drove a defender to the right side, Ronaldo could have created another chance on the left side. (As a result, Bentancur 스포츠중계 simply pushed Meckenney and was blocked by the Porto defense and lost his chances.)
In the same situation, Oliveira and Porto strikers were in contrast to Juventus.
The player on the left side came in from inside, creating Oliveira’s shooting space, and Olive finished with a shot without missing the opportunity.
A simple side cross, such as Juventus’ chronic illness, even when the opponent is in camp, crosses up.
It always depends on Ronaldo and Kiesa’s flashy play and personal competence, of course there are limits. (There is no dibala at the moment, Morata has a hard time with a cold and no quadrado.We need to stick together more teamly)

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