It usually tells you how to massage at home

Now that the wedding is now in front of us,

I am a lazy bride who was preparing late, and I have a lot to do.

I’ve been getting skin massages for the wedding,

I have been worried about whether or not I will get a meridian.
Well, beauty was 출장안마 already famous in wedding cafes

There was no worry, and from the visit, my heart was pounding!

First visit, so we’ve got a few customer cards,

I write down the troubled parts of my face,

Sir, I’m all worried about this. What do I do…?

You’ve got me a car to make it easy,

Hit one shot because it’s good for toxin emissions
Before I went to get a massage, I saw a lot of blog reviews

Those who receive regularly have really changed their face shape!

There are people in my neighborhood who get it from other points

I’ve seen you get the mitral line and the facial symmetry

I already have a break from my ticket
After a brief consultation, I’m going to dress up,

I took it out of the sterilizer and it was good to be able to wear a warm gown

This sterilizer system was as good as Koshi
There were also products available for massage and simple application,

You can have a nice set of products

Weebeauty wanted to take care of customers from the trivial things
The snacker is the best, I love you.

I have pumpkin juice like a grain of sesame

I eat snacks and swell with pumpkin juice What?

Is that what people are living in? Is it just me?
All I need is a locker room with clothes and bags,

It is made up of reservations, and on this day, I am the only one, so take a picture of the dressing room!

It was neatly arranged in the corner, so I went over here

When I went to another shop for body + skin massage

There’s a robe just broken,

I’ve never had a hard time because I don’t even have the right size
Massages from a blanketed area inside the curtain

First, you lay on your massage bed and put on a Rose mask pack,

It’s a gel mask-like material and it’s good to stick to your skin and fill it with moisture

He also applied aroma oil to his ear,

I’m relexing and smelling so I’ve unwound my sutterings.

Anybody who knows what this is, let me know!
There’s an expensive massage machine on one side that looks great

I thought, ‘Oh, I want to try that.’

I was doing it, too
KAY: I love it, but I can’t even get a tee

I put on a mask pack and lie on a massage machine and get a 20-minute massage first

I knew why I bought a massage machine at a rich house

I’m so glad you’re all stressed out. The best. The blood circulation seems to be working.
I’ve never been a good massage machine before.

I was just lying there,

and put the hot hot fomentation on the boat

Cover it with a blanket

The limbs are being massaged, the body is being heated

Your face is cool because of the mask pack

It’s healing, it’s a low-world feeling and it’s been great
You’re lying in the massage area, and the therapist comes

He’s a counselor with a little puncture,

On the monitor, I’ve got a more open left clown

with asymmetry

The mouth is on one side.

I can’t get a full correction this time, so you told me you’d put it back in place

I’d like to leave my entire face alone
I had a clown massage that happened this day,

I got a little face massage,

I massage with my hand, but if I look at it, the key is foot massage.

This is really cool

I also asked you why you were doing foot massages,

He said it was because he could massage evenly to the deeper skin layer than he did with his hands,

The massages received from Wibute, including real sports massages, were cool

And before you massage her

You know, this part of me will hurt if I massage it,

It was so good to explain that this is caused by asymmetry

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