Reels, account deletion, line change, etc.

I would like to disclose my own honey tips about the top exposure of postings that many bloggers are curious about.
In fact, this letter should come up to the top so that many people will see it.
Still, I do not believe that high-quality information writing will be high-level exposure.

There may be some parts that are somewhat difficult to understand.
If you leave it in a secret comment, do not be ashamed at that time, I will let you know as much as possible.

Then go.

Posting Top Exposure Cases (LG Code Zero, Instagram)

Before you have full-fledged know-how, you may want to know what you are about to expose the top blog.
So I show you.
Most of the recent articles are registered in the first section of View.

In the latest order, we show the posting of the keywords of the A9S and Instagram account deletion as LG code zero.

How could a blogger who came in at an average of 5-8,000 a day expose the top of the Instagram keywords, which have about 2.21 million searches a month?

I can not guarantee it, but I think it was possible because it was an ‘information’ that solves their curiosity, not just a posting for the upper exposure.

What the hell is the keyword?
If you do not know the keyword while trying to get the top of the blog, it is ridiculous.
It is multiplication without knowing addition.

So what’s the keyword?

It is a word that compresses the contents of the article at a glance.

The MacBook Air in 2021 is usually summarized as MacBook Air.
Because the serial number is renewed every year in the case of home appliances, there is no need to write the year.
The shorter the writing, the better.
It’s all about you.

blog top exposure blog keyword search volume inquiry blog exposure
Now, if you know what the keyword is, I introduce a site that can refer to it.
It is ‘Black Kiwi’, which analyzes 백링크 keywords based on Beck data.

Black Keywi – Query and Analysis of Keyword Search Volume
Find out how many specific keywords are retrieved.
If you enter the main word of your posting in the search window, you will get the keywords connected as follows.
At this time, you can compare the monthly search volume and set the title by using the keywords that many people find and my own decorating phrase.

When you use Instagram as your main keyword, you can extract various sub keywords such as reels, account deletion, and line change.
When you use Samsung 75-inch TV, you can compare 65-inch TV and LG TV.
It is good to use a honey tip by mixing a lot of search volume and keywords that match my posting contents.

Once I caught the keyword, I think I did half.
You can stick to the content as follows.
It is only when I think that I should do this rather than think that this is enough, that a good article is completed.
The rest of the time, Naver will take care of everything.
If you have posted informational articles carefully but you do not have high exposure, please contact me with a secret comment.
If you send me a posting link, I will analyze it and deliver feedback.
I hope this posting will help a little bit for many bloggers.

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