I liked the color of Myeong-dong Wine Bar!

I drank wine at Myeongdong Wine Bar during this holiday.

I’m writing to introduce you to a place with a nice atmosphere.

Hey, where is this hot spot on the surface?

As soon as I saw it, I thought it was a hot place! I wanted to go to Myeongdong Wine Bar 2pm 8pm!

The name says row 2pm 8pm,

Suddenly I was curious about the meaning of line 2pm 8pm,

I asked the boss gently.

“When coffee comes to mind, 2 o’clock when wine comes to mind, 8 o’clock when coffee comes to mind, a cafe during the day, a wine bar in the evening.”

It means that you operate as and it’s called Hang 2pm 8pm.

I’m impressed with your sense of naming.

Maybe that’s why I saw the cafe menu, and I thought it would be good to come during the day.

There is a rooftop, so you can see the view, drink a cup of coffee during the day, and drink wine at night. Hang 2pm 8pm near Namsan Tower.

As soon as I got in, I realized the atmosphere of this place was perfect.

I went there in the evening and enjoyed wine bar, but I want to go there again during the day!

Every night at 8 pm, there is a talk concert on the 2nd floor and a weekend live performance.

I went on Sunday evening, but when I went there, there was no performance. ㅠ.ㅠ Too bad…

I want to go back to the concert.

Drink wine, watch performances, and get two birds with one stone.

This is the menu for row 2pm8pm!

There are many kinds of wine, beer, and Myeongdong Wine Bar, which looks perfect for a gathering!

The menu I ordered was Montgrave Cabernet Syra (red) / Cantine Pobero Mosto Rosso (red) / Provetoros Satoroje (sparkling) This is wine.

I ordered a turkey-baked butter/cheese platter for the side dish.

And the wine bottle was 20% discounted for packaging, so it looked good as a gift with a discount on cheap wine.

I think I would have come here often to buy presents if I lived nearby!

This is the place where we performance!

I’ll come back when we perform.I’m sorry.

This was the stairway to the rooftop!

There were a lot of photo zones because it was an entire building from the first floor to the third floor rooftop.

I pressed the shutter a lot. Whoo hoo

I thought it would be good to come to the anniversary.

It was nice to have a birthday party!

Just in case, I asked and they said that external cakes can be brought in.

We can have a birthday party and a cake.

This is a rooftop on the third floor.

The rooftop’s already full, wow.

HOTPLE HANG 2PM 8PM~ near the popular Namsan Tower~

It’s… it’s already hot in the atmosphere.

Now that I think about why it’s a hotple, I think the price also plays a part.

Myeongdong Wine Bar has a bottle of wine that costs between 29,000 won and 30,000 won, so you can come without any burden.

Other Euljiro wine bars cost at least 80,000 to 90,000 won on average!

I’ve been to other places, but compared to others, I thought it would be popular.

Jjajan, we went with four of us.

I could doodle wine glasses. Cya.

I’m going to scribble on a pretty glass of wine.

They say you can do whatever you want because it’s easy to erase.

It’s such a sensible wine bottle, it’s worth going!

The first wine I drank was Sira 13.5 degrees.

I got a recommendation and 강남셔츠룸 drank it, and it wasn’t too sweet and it was perfect!

I’ve scribbled a glass of wine. How is it? Cute!!!

It feels good to scribble on a glass of wine together.

The turkey club is roasted butter!

He said he would give me a doll if I had a good ankle, so I worked hard on it. hehe

It tastes great, too!

Eventually, as a result of the hard work,

Get the doll~ So cute.£

There’s a storytelling on the stairs from the first floor to the second floor with the meaning of line 2pm 8pm!

I liked your business mind because it had the color of Myeong-dong Wine Barman!

Four of us went and ordered another bottle of wine, so we ordered Cantine Mosto Rosso and Proveto Satoroje!

Sweet wine and dry wine were both attractive.

Myeongdong Wine Bar is also available for daytime drinking.

It’s open from noon, so I’m writing down a wine bar that you can drink during the Corona period because it’s a great tip for wine killers!

Myeongdong Wine Bar
It’s a 4-minute walk from Euljiro 3-ga Station and Chungmuro Station.

I think it’s a must-see hip-hop wine bar from Chungmuro and Euljiro.

I loved it, hip and atmosphere.

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