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In the past, if there were many full-time workers, the number of daily workers is now increasing in a rapidly changing society. The bad economy is also deeply related to the increase in the number of daily workers. Unfortunately, freelance or daily workers are not welcomed by the financial sector. So today, I will have time to learn about the places, types, conditions, and qualifications that can be borrowed for these people.
Commonities of Loanable Loans in Daily Loan

Basically, if you are in a private loan, you can say that it is a little easier to approve because it is easy to prove income or tenure. Even though it is a daily job, it is much more advantageous to use loans if you are insured.
It is also possible even if there is a record that you have received a regular salary for three months. Relatively, daily workers often do not receive wages periodically, so if the record of receiving a salary on a certain date for at least three months is printed on the account, it is advantageous to use the loan.
Daily Loans Available Places Available Places

sunshine theory

If you can get a loan from the 1 financial sector when you look at the loan, it is much more advantageous to use it if you can get a government-funded loan. Among them, Sunshine, the most representative government-funded loan, is eligible for loans if it is a daily worker who has been in office for more than three months.
It should be a credit rating of less than 45 million won per year, a credit rating of less than 6th grade, and an annual income of less than 35 million won. Daily workers have the advantage of having to prove only three months’ salary account in the case of sunshine, while it is difficult to use institutional financial companies because it is difficult to prove income.
construction site workers preferential loan construction site workers preferential loan

The second daily loan is a credit loan product that was released together by Hana Bank and the Construction Workers’ Association. If you do not need any proof of income and certificate of employment, and you can confirm that your retirement deduction is accumulated, all of them are eligible for loans.
A daily worker who has a retirement deduction date of 90 days or more for the past 6 months or 180 days or more for one year can get a loan. Up to 20 million won is available at an annual rate of 6.0% – 10.5%; interest rates are differentially applied according to an individual’s credit rating.
In order to use preferential loans for construction workers, you can apply through Hana Bank with your ID card.
Kookmin Bank KB Workers 폰테크 Hope Plus Loan Kookmin Bank KB Workers Hope Plus Loan

The third place where daily loans can be made is KB Workers Hope Plus loan released by Kookmin Bank. The actual buyer of the stable living fund is the target, but it is also available to non-regular or daily workers. Credit ratings should be between grade 5 and 10.
You can use up to 10 million won at an annual interest rate of 6.23%. You can repay it by choosing between 3 years or 5 years in equal installment. Because there is no intermediate repayment fee, you can pay it comfortably at any time if you have a lot of money.
Jeonbuk Bank Quick Plus Lone Jeonbuk Bank Quick Plus Lone

It is a quick plus loan of Jeonbuk Bank for housewives, contractors, small self-employed and daily workers who have relatively difficult income proof. It was originally a loan product for the common people and originally had the name SubCreditron.
Up to 15 million won can be used at 12.7% interest rate, and it has the advantage of being able to borrow on the same day, and it has the merit that it can pay quickly with minimal documents. Also, if you use more than one month, you do not have a mid-term repayment fee, so it is also good to plan the fund.

So today I have had time to learn about where I can borrow daily. In fact, if you have assets such as real estate, vehicles, and land in your name, you can use the mortgage loan at the cheapest interest rate.In fact, the most important thing about using any loan is the personal credit rating.

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