When the upper body is finished, it goes all the way over to the lower body.

travel around like a lot If you look at it, your whole body gets stiff because you have more activity than usual, so I was satisfied when I added Jeju Island massage near the airport on the last day.

aroma scent

Address: 39 Jungang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Phone number: 064-721-2625

Business hours: 10:00 to 23:00 daily, 24/7.

I reserved a massage shop called Jeju aroma scent near Tap-dong, Jungang-ro. It’s close to the airport, so it takes about 15 minutes by car, so there are quite a few visitors. There was Dongmun Market, Yongdam Coast Road, and a shopping center behind the shop, which made it accessible.

I parked in the parking lot right next to it and arrived in front of it and it was located on the third floor of the building. It wasn’t hard to find it because I could see the purple signs from the entrance.

As soon as I opened the door on the third floor, the first thing I saw was that the foot bath space was decorated with colorful flowers, and it also blends well with the subtle lighting.

According to the staff’s guidance, they sat on the waiting chair, checked the reservation, and gave us a cup of warm tea, fearing that it would be boring to wait. It was herbal tea, but the subtle scent made me feel good.

Next to it, I could see the book prepared in various lists so that I wouldn’t be bored while waiting for the massage in Jeju Island. I was surprised that there were a variety of fields such as the latest magazine, the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, and novels.

After I checked my reservation, I decided on the course I liked, and I came inside a little bit, and there was plenty of space, so it was okay to keep a distance and the interior space was quite big.

There’s also a couple room in the next room, so you can relax in a private space for those who visit. The interior was generally luxurious and exotic, so it was okay.

On one side of the bed, the light on the stand that adds light is not irritating, so it adds a comfortable mood.

On one side of the wall, I could see the signatures of the celebrities who visited here, but the more I saw it, the more I looked forward to seeing what kind of service they would receive.

Before we got massaged in Jeju Island, we went into the dressing room to change our clothes, and I liked how I felt everywhere that we cared about hygiene.

I had another cup of herbal tea that was thickened after the change. Pouring a cup of glass and bringing it close to your nose and mouth, the warm and fragrant scent made you relax.

I fell in love with the fresh scent and asked for his name, but I’m sorry I forgot it quickly.

After drinking a cup of tea neatly, I moved to the foot bath section where there were colorful flowers. The warm, warm water filled the basin with enough water to soak your feet, and there was a drop of oil that felt the scent of mint.

Thanks to Park Ha-hyang’s oil, the foot bath, where coolness and warmth coexisted, was able to feel warm until the fingertips of the hand because it held a stone so that it wouldn’t be boring to stay as it is.

It didn’t take long until the foot bath was over, but the staff wiped the wet towel and pressed his feet down, and immediately moved to Jeju Island massage area.

When I lay down comfortably on the bed I had reserved, I started to release the lumps, and the room temperature was just right for me to feel like I was falling asleep.

But I was still awake because it was not even the beginning, but at first, I applied oil with far infrared rays and pressed it thoroughly.

After lightly chiropractic here and there, they check the parts that were a little stiff or painful in their daily lives, and I came to Jeju Island to get a massage, so I was able to check my condition.

Maybe it’s because it’s a professional touch, but I felt that my whole body was relieved little by little thanks to it.

At first, it was unfamiliar to me because they had never been acupressured before, but as soon as the whole body began to relax, it began to get drowsy. My whole body, which had been stiff all the way around, slowly loosened up.

In addition, he turned his hand back and pressed his muscles, and I could feel the coolness. There was no irritating part because it added the oil to the flavor.

After one round of chiropractic pressure, we started the second round with Stone 땀땡 Therapy. When I took a foot bath, the stones I put on my hand began to come up one by one, and when I put a big stone on my back, I felt like I was always warming up.

The stone on my back was hot for a while because the heat was still there, but it was hot at first, but after a while, I felt deep inside. I thought everyone was getting a therapy session.

Jeju Island massage, which was followed by stone, was different from oil, but if the fragrant and subtle irritation was satisfactory, the stone pushed the whole body as if it were in a sauna and released the blood.

After the upper body is finished, it goes all the way over to the lower body and gives acupressure, and there’s a bad sound. The more I pressed down on the parts of my legs, the more I felt, the more relaxed it was, but it wasn’t easy to relax. At first, the pain started and the coolness came with me.

In particular, I was curious about the secret of calves, which were packed with eggs, because I could feel that they gradually began to unravel whenever I touched them.

After coming down from head to toe, I really liked it when you provided the service to your toes that you didn’t usually pay attention to.

The thighs were pushed smoothly with a towel, not irritating, but it was a complete course. I was satisfied that I could receive the hands without any unnecessary touches.

At the end of the day, I was able to get some massage healing in Jeju Island thanks to the sports massage. The full course was amazing every moment, and I thought I made a good choice after receiving counseling, and it was good to relieve my fatigue.

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