Most generations proceed with interior design.

They asked us to set it up as a group.
Free LED bar on fixed pagora.
It’s an apartment complex.

Especially in the case of new apartments.
There’s a fixed time to move in.
In groups like this, generations of people are trying to design the interior.
Most of the time, we proceed.

I’m afraid the company that’s going to be working on the construction…
He knows the structure of the apartment.
It has the advantage of being a suitable product and being able to construct it properly.

The shade on the terrace of the apartment I’m showing you today is…
You’ve been on the “Save Me, Save Me” program.
As much as the interior, at a cost without bubbles.
We are proceeding with strong construction.

The products are sky-learning and phagora.
It’s a type of tent you’ve seen on the street.

There are two types of sky learning: electric and passive.
You can also choose the fabric color freely.

The specifications of the product we’ve installed here are Skyning Pago.
53403.059003.0 3000*3.0.
I added LEDs 파고라 separately.

So it’s the kind of terrace I want.
It has the advantage of being able to complete the interior design.

Use as a shade to hide sunlight during the day.
I recommend you to use it as a mood space at night.

If you apply in advance, we’ll apply for the event.
Please contact me a lot.

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